• Never underestimate the importance of Connection.

    About MERF

    MERF reaches out to the community in many different ways. But central to everything we do is keeping our community connected.

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    About MERF

for the love of community

our story

Confident that a committed group of individuals can make a difference, local citizens established the MENTONE EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES FOUNDATION (MERF) in 1993. A (501.c3) non profit organization, MERF continues to dedicate itself to enhancing the quality of life in our community by capitalizing on available resources.

The Center for all things MERF

Our Community House

MERF’s first project was the purchase of the COMMUNITY HOUSE – a center for diverse programs serving people of all ages and walks of life. Older people gather there during the day, where they can socialize over lunch or help children with homework.  In turn, these children benefit from the love and wisdom of their mentors.



composed of local educators, merchants and parents

Our Board of Directors

Sarah Wilcox |  Executive Director


Bill Berry
Marsha Merrell
Walt Pullen
Roland Hendon
Lea Long
Terri Beth Perkins
Yon Hopper
Kathy McMunn
Kristen Emory

More About MERF

Support of MERF has been rich and varied.  Local business, camps, churches, and scout have generously donated time and energy, while local artisans, carpenters, musicians, storytellers and senior citizens have offered their time and talent.

The directors of MERF invite you to join their efforts toward enhancing the quality of life in our community by capitalizing on available resources.  MERF welcomes support in terms of expertise and skills as well as financial contributions in the form of grants and other charitable gifts.

The ultimate goal of MERF is to harness and direct the valuable resource of opportunity... to build a healthy, vital, forward-looking community.

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